Santa Fe Duo - Live Music in Costa Rica

Santa Fe Duo - Music for Weddings and events in Costa Rica

Santa Fe Duo - Live Music in Costa Rica
Santa Fe Duo - Live Music in Costa Rica Santa Fe Duo Music for weddings and events in Costa Rica Santa Fe Duo - Live Music in Costa Rica
Santa Fe Duo
Santa Fe Duo
Santa Fe Duo
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Santa Fe Duo
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frecuently asked questions


1. How do I know if the date I want is available?

If it does not appear in the calendar then it is free; if it does, Santa Fe is able to duplicate to attend several activities on the same day.

 2. What is the cost of your services?

The exact cost depends on the venue, the number of hours, the musical arrangement (duet, trio, quartet, etc) and the coverage area. You should request a quotation detailing all the above variables.

3. Where can we listen to you play?

We are constantly changing locations, so if you would like to hear us live at an open performance, you can select a date that suits you from the calendar and request your attendance. We can also arrange a private audition but in either case, please contact us on Tel +506 2288-6800 or Cel +506 8322-1000 to organize the details. You can download the MP3 demo files available in this website.

4. How long in advance should you be booked?

The earlier the better! If the date you select is in use, a Santa Fe Duo “clone”, selected and sent by us, can offer the same quality service under the same terms of the contract.

5. How do I reserve a date?

This happens once the contract for services has been signed and a 50% deposit has been paid.

6. How do the musicians dress up?

Black dress suit

7. Can you play a specific song or repertoire for my event?

Yes of course, as long as the song list is provided in advance, as well as a CD with the music for us to listen to.

8. Can you have idle periods of wait in between performances?

Yes, they have a lower rate to playing time.

9. Can you perform outside the Metropolitan Area?

Yes, outside San Jose and Costa Rica there are additional fees to cover for the added time and cost in transportation, food, accommodation, etc. We are also open to negotiate if customers would prefer to cover these costs as part of the contract.

10. How early do you arrive to each performance?

30 minutes prior.

11. How long does it take you to set up all the equipment?

15 minutes if there is direct access to the venue.

12. Can the musicians accompany a singer or musician selected by the customer?

Yes, if we know the songs.

13. Can you incorporate other instruments to the duet, e.g. piano, flute, cello, tenor, soprano, etc?

Yes, any instrument(s) or voice(s) available.

14. Can you provide a microphone?

Yes, within the contract time. Outside this time it will have an additional cost.

15. Can I hire you if I am not in Costa Rica ?

Yes, the contract can be signed electronically and the deposit can be wired.

16. Do I need to provide you with food and beverage during the time of the contract?

If the contract is under 2 hours it is not necessary, but for contracts of 3 or more hours a refreshment is required for each musician during the break.

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